︎ Agon Hamza

Agon Hamza, Ph.D. in philosophy is Assistant Professor of political philosophy at ISSHS. He is the author of Reading Marx (Polity, 2018; with Frank Ruda and Slavoj Žižek), Althusser and Pasolini: Philosophy, Marxism, and Film (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016), and From Myth to Symptom: The Case of Kosovo (Kolektivi Materializmi Dialektik, 2013; with Slavoj Žižek). In addition, he is the editor of Althusser and Theology: Religion, Politics and Philosophy (Brill, 2016) and Repeating Žižek (Duke University Press, 2015), as well as coeditor, with Frank Ruda, of Slavoj Žižek and Dialectical Materialism (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016). He is founder and co-editor (with Frank Ruda) of the international philosophy journal Crisis and Critique. Currently he is working on two books, entitled Reading Hegel (with Slavoj Žižek and Frank Ruda, forthcoming with Polity), and a monograph on the work of Slavoj Žižek. Hamza was a political advisor to Albin Kurti, former Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosova.