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- The School of Materialist Research and its Intensive Study Program for ECTS/US certificates, offering courses with Achille Mbembe, Paul Cockshott, Anne-Françoise  Schmid and her team, Amanda Beech and Katerina Kolozova and Thomas Nail, is pleased to announce that the organizers have granted scholarships (partial or full, or other forms of financial assistance) to more than half of the students, the vast majority of them being from the global South. Out of 54 enrolled students, 29 have received full or partial scholarship or assistance.  This would have not been possible without the spirit of comradery shared by the faculty, the founders and the directors of SMR and their teams.

We thank our faculty for their generosity in joining this grass-root university level experiment in new forms of education, combining research and commitment to change toward more just societies and a sustainable planet.

- ECTS credit certificates of 1 credit are offered by the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis (NICA) for attendance of courses by graduate students in the Netherlands.

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