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The School of Materialist Research (SMR) is an education and research inter-university grassroots platform that offers Integrated Credit Programs , Seminars, Special Programs, and Research Initiatives that address the materialisms running through contemporary science, philosophy, art, mathematics, design, architecture, and politics. SMR was founded by the Center for Philosophical Technologies at Arizona State University, The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Skopje, the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics at TU Vienna, and the Critical Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy Eindhoven and serves as a global hub for education, research, and experimentation at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, creative fields, and the STEM sciences.

SMR is proud to announce its parternship with GERM (Green Educational and Research Methodologies). GERM is an academic, research and cultural industry company registered in Estonia, collaborating with SMR on an organizational and programmatic level covering the Intensive Study Programs. It is specialized in international collaborations enabled by the Estonian digital mobility policies promulgating international projects in culture, research and arts.