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The School of Materialist Research (SMR) is an education and research inter-university grassroots platform that offers Integrated Credit Programs , Seminars, Special Programs, and Research Initiatives that address the materialisms running through contemporary science, philosophy, art, mathematics, design, architecture, and politics. SMR was founded by the Center for Philosophical Technologies at Arizona State University, The Institute of Social Sciences and Humanities Skopje, the Department for Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics at TU Vienna, and the Critical Inquiry Lab at the Design Academy Eindhoven and serves as a global hub for education, research, and experimentation at the intersection of the humanities, social sciences, creative fields, and the STEM sciences.

SMR's PARTNER Institutions :

Since 2022 SMR has been executing numerous programs in partnership with GERM (Green Educational and Research Methodologies). GERM is an educational, research, academic and creative industry company registered in Estonia, collaborating with SMR on an organizational and programmatic level. It is specialized in international collaborations enabled by the Estonian digital mobility policies promulgating international initiatives in culture, informal education and academic cooperation, research and arts.

As of January 2024, The Culture-Borders-Gender/LAB is a partner institution of SMR. The LAB (establishing act 2415/4-8-2016) is a place and mode of meeting within the academic community (teachers, researchers and students), a unit of an Area Studies Department (Balkan, Slavic and Oriental Studies) at the University of Macedonia. At the same time, it is a link between junior and experienced researchers who are active in the fields of Social Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Gender and Border Studies. Ultimately, it is an academic collectivity that speaks to the wider society, both within and across, in urban and non-urban contexts, along and across borders and boundaries, perpetually reaching out to «our faraway neighbors». LAB's director is Prof. Fotini Tsibiridu. Website  http://cbg-lab.uom.gr/en/

In the beginning of 2024, Anti/Gones, joined SMR as its third partner institution.  Antigones: Bodies of Resistance in the Contemporary World [Antisomata]
This research explores philosophically, anthropologically and aesthetically what persists and what remains from Antigone’s legacy at the present historical moment, shifting the attention towards “other Antigones”, that is to say, towards its alternative, migratory, decolonial, transportable and transformational performative legacies. A long and variegated line of situational and translocal Antigones implies a heterogeneous and multilayered history which includes the voices and silences of subaltern and oppressed groups presenting, on the theatrical stages and social scenes of the contemporary world. Website: https://antigones.gr/