︎ Requirements and Credits


Graduate level preparation for courses. Applicants do not necessarily need to have the formal level of education that is equivalent to second and third cycle university study programs or MA/PhD level course work in the European Higher Education Area (Bologna Signatory Countries in Europe that issue ECTS credits, which include all of our European HEI partners at SMR) and North America. Integrated Credit Program is co-organized by ISSHS (EHEA/ECTS institution) and ASU-CPT, in the frameworks of SMR. In case applicants do not, the motivation statement embedded in the application form and the short bio should suffice to assess ability to follow the course. When you are applyinig for a given semester there is an application form in which you can fill out all relevant information. 


ECTS/US credit certificates of up to 4/2 credits are offered by SMR which is a digital informal study platform of European and US accredited higher education institutions; this Fall’s ICP (Integrated Credit Program) are organized and offered by ISSHS and CPT-Arizona State University. Note: ISSHS, just as the other founding SMR institutions from Europe—CIL- Design Academy Eindhoven and ATTP-Technical University of Vienna—is a holder of an Erasmus Charter for Excellence of European Higher Education Institutions 2021-2027. Arizona State University is a top US institution in the area of research innovation across a vast array of fields: At No. 6 on national level in research, ASU ranks alongside MIT, University of California-Berkeley, Georgia Tech and Purdue University and ahead of Carnegie Mellon University, Princeton and the University of Georgia, and has been ranked the most innovative university in the US for six consecutive years.  

Certificates and Fees 

Please note: 1) if you are from the Global South, a list of countries that is not so much geographical as economic, updated annually by the UN and/or World Bank, you receive an automatic 50% discount on all the fees presented below 2) if you are a participant from Ukraine you get a full waiver

220 euro - for one (1) certificate course for students

440 euro - for one (1) certificate course for university, science institutes staff and postdocs (as well as all other professionals interested in LLL/life long learning)

    Discount for combined multiple courses:

A package of 2 courses: 380 euro for students, and 630 for staff

A package of 3 courses: 490 euro for students; and 720 for staff

A package of 4 courses plus 1 for free: 670 for students, and 900 for staff


4+ package with at least two courses for free: 720 for students, and 950 for staff, with more than 2 courses for free (which will provide you with a 4 ECTS certificate and 2 to 3 free courses)

Auditing 170 euro (per course)

Scholarships for the Global South

Instead of offering partial and full scholarships for the Global South, since 2023, the Integrated Credit Program offers an automatic 50% discount to the applicants from the Global South, which has been called by the UN, since late 2022, also the "China +77" group of countries. Please, note that it is not so much geographical category as it is also a socio-economic one, updated annually by the UN and/or World Bank. You can check the status of your country here. As a shortcut, we would, however, point out that the category does coincide with geography to a considerable extent, esp. when it comes to Europe and North America: the entire continents belong to the Global North (except for Bosnia and Herzegovina in the case of Europe).