︎ Davor Löffler

Davor Löffler is a lecturer in History of Knowledge at Leuphana University, Lüneburg, Germany, and lecturer for theory of Globalization and Futurology at the Institute of Sociology at the University of Basel. He studied Sociology and Philosophy at the Free University of Berlin where he earned his PhD in Sociology with an interdisciplinary thesis on the history of abstraction and the current shift of social structures, cognition and cosmology in the transition to the Planetary Civilization. Previously he worked as lecturer in Sociology and Philosophy at the BTK University of Art and Design, Berlin, and at the The New Centre for Research and Practice. He collaborated in various interdisciplinary settings such as in AI-research at the Mind Machine Project at the MIT in Cambridge, the “Interacting Minds Center”, Aarhus, Denmark, and the “Role of Culture in Early Expansions of Humans” Group at the Institute of Prehistory, Tübingen, Germany. His main research interest is on how to accelerate a system transition towards a more sustainable and just form of civilization.