︎ Gerald Nestler

Gerald Nestler is an artist, researcher and writer who combines theory and conversation with intervention, performance, video, installation, text, sound, and speech. He also develops formats for postdisciplinary collaborations between art and other fields of expertise. His research focuses on what he terms the derivative condition of technocapitalism, its fictions, models, narratives, and operations. And he seeks to activate the semiotic field of the term resolution as a sociotechnical vocabulary and toolbox to counter the proprietary politics of non-transparency. To that effect, he explores renegade activism as a way to unlock the poietic imagination to transform resistance from critique towards insurrection as a risk sharing agency. Gerald’s works have been shown internationally since the late 1990s and he has also published and lectured widely on art, finance, and technology. He is a member of the Technopolitics research group, Vienna, and holds a PhD from the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths, University of London, where he was a researcher at Forensic Architecture. www.geraldnestler.net