︎ John Ó Maoilearca

John Ó Maoilearca is Professor in the Department of Critical and Historical Studies at Kingston University, London. I have previously lectured in philosophy departments at the University of Sunderland, England, and the University of Dundee, Scotland. I have published eleven books, including (as author) Bergson and Philosophy (2000), Post-Continental Philosophy: An Outline (2006), Philosophy and the Moving Image: Refractions of Reality (2010), and All Thoughts Are Equal: Laruelle and Nonhuman Philosophy (2015). I work in the areas of Continental Philosophy (Bergson, Deleuze, Henry, Laruelle, Badiou), metaphysics (especially of time and identity), and metaphilosophy. The latter has led me to explore non-standard modes of thinking and philosophical expression, including the diagrammatic thinking, animal representation, as well as film philosophy. Recently, I’ve directed this interest towards François Laruelle’s project of non-philosophy. I am currently working on ordinary modes of mysticism and (so-called) ‘mental’ time-travel.