︎ Jordanco Sekulovski

Jordanco Sekulovski Ph.D. is Adjunct Professor of Philosophy and the Humanities at Temple University Japan; Associate Foreign Researcher at the East Asian Research Center, Kyoto University; General editor of Studia Philosophica (Chisokudo Publications), and; Organizer and coordinator of the TUJ Philosophy Lecture Series. He received a PhD in Philosophy from Paris X University under the supervision of François Laruelle and is the author of Postures et pratiques de l’Homme: libéralisme, philosophie non-standard et pensée japonaise (2013). For more information, please visit http://jsekulovski.wix.com/nonphi as well as https://sites.temple.edu/tujphilseries/ and follow us on Twitter at @SekulovskiJ & @TujPhil