︎ Ludger Hovestadt

Ludger Hovestadt is an architect and computer scientist. Since 2000 he is professor for digital architectonics at the ETH in Zürich, Switzerland. In his phase of empirical research he founded several companies in the fields of Parametric Design, Building Information Models and Smart Buildings. In his later phase of basic research he is author of several books like [Beyond the Grid, Architecture and Information Technology, 2009],  [SHEAVES - When Things are, whatever can be the Case, 2013] [Eigen Architecture - Computability as Literacy,2014], [A Genius Planet: Energy: From Scarcity to Abundance - A Radical Pathway, 2017], [A Quantum City: Mastering the Generic, 2015],[Atlas of Digital Architecture, 2020] ... His recent research applies his basic understandings in mathematics, philosophy and artificial intelligence towards new methods of architectural design. His upcoming new book is [On Digital Architecture - In Ten Books, 2022] in the tradition of architectural treatise writing.