︎ Vera Bühlman

Vera Bühlmann is professor for architecture theory at Vienna University of Technology, where she directs the research unit Architecture Theory and Philosophy of Technics ATTP. Together with Ludger Hovestadt and Elias Zafiris, she founded and co-directs the Digital Gnomonics Research Group (between TU Vienna, ETH Zurich, and Athens University). Among her latest publications are her monograph Information and Mathematics in the Philosophy of Michel Serres (Bloomsbury 2020), as well as “Entwurf of the Method and Ethics of its Discourse. Notes on Cartesian Rationalism Reconsidered” (in The Digital Continent: Anarchic Civility, Metaphysics of Copiousness, TU Academic Press, 2021 (forthcoming)), Ethics of Coding, A Report on the Algorithmic Condition with Felicity Colman, Iris van der Tuin and Aislinn O’Donnell (EU Horizon2020 Pr. Nr.732407), “Photosynthesis” (in Philosophy Today, 2019 ) and “Atomic Time and Quantum Literacy: Michel Serres’ Apologia for Science” (forthcoming in Minnesota Review, 2021).