︎ Complete list and Youtube links to all previous Open Seminar lectures

Paul Cockshott: Materialism, Turing, and Math

Greg Michaelson:  Mesolithic Capitalism: Language Games, Meaning and State Machines

John Ó Maoilearca: Matter, the Meta-spiritual, and the Forgotten Bergson

Anne-Françoise Schmid: Is There a Field for Philosophy?

Ray Brassier: The Antinomies of Progress: Adorno and Marcuse

Agon Hamza: Reading Hegel

Katarina Kolozova: Marx vs. Hegel

Reid Kotlas: Why was Marx’s Materialism ‘Dialectical’ ?

Jonathan Fardy: From Estrangement to the Stranger: Marx after Laruelle

Giuseppe Longo: A World of “Instructions”: The Computational Myths in Cognition and Life vs. Alternative Paths for Invention and Understanding

Alexander Wilson: Real Non-Patterns and the Automation of Science

Jan Overwijk: ‘Simple Rules, Complex Behavior’: Paradoxes of Cybernetic Rationalization

Davor Löffler: The Meaning of Life: A Journey to the Origins of Worlds

David Roden: The Aesthesis of Unworlding: Against Aesthetic Inferentialism

Ben Woodard: Lancelot Hogben and the Bio-Aesthetics of Utopia

Vera Bühlmann: Materialism and the Public Nature of Knowledge: Michel Serres Circumstantial Universalism

Jean-Pierre Caron: Real Abstraction and the Given: On Post-Sellarsian Marxism

Tzuchien Tho: From More Geometrico to Mathematical Ontology: Abstraction, Purification, Subtraction

Tony Yanick: Limits of CTRL: Abductive Reasoning and Augmenting Creative Intelligence

Jeremy R. Smith: The ABCs of Oraxiom: Towards a Research Programme of Future Metaphysics

Thomas Nail: The Philosophy of Movement

Chantelle Gray and Aragorn Eloff: The Fourth Ecology: Hikikomori, Depressive Hedonia and Algorithmic Ubiquity

Keti Chukhrov: Deleuze without Guattari

Willow Verkerk: Mimetic Inclination and the Limits of the Enlightened Subject

Rick Elmore: Deconstructive Realism and the Naturalization of Bourgeois Metaphysics

Hanno Pahl: Money and the “Metrization” of the World: On the Co-Evolution of Money, Writing, and Cognition

Paul Reynolds: Can we have a Marxist Erotics?

Jordanco Sekulovski: The Immanent, the Generic and the Transhuman: A Non-standard Approach

Nina Power: Gnosticism and Materialism

Rick Dolphijn: Cracks, Wounds and Becoming a Target: on the Philosophy of Matter

Nandita Biswas Mellamphy: In-, On-, or Out-of the Loop? Genders, Posthumanisms, and Technesis