︎ Open Seminars Fall 2021

You can watch all of the Open Seminars for Fall 2021 for free on our Youtube channel here

Cluster 1: Computational Materials and the Nature of Abstraction
September 27 - October 25 

Vera Bühlmann
September 27

Title: Materialism and the Public Nature of Knowledge: Michel Serres Circumstantial Universalism

Jean-Pierre Caron
October 15

Title: Real Abstraction and the Given: On Post-Sellarsian Marxism

Tzuchien Tho
October 6

Title: From More Geometrico to Mathematical Ontology: Abstraction, Purification, Subtraction

Tony Yanick
October 25

Title: Limits of CTRL: Abductive Reasoning and Augmenting Creative Intelligence 

Cluster 2: Matters of Movement and Futures that Matter
October 5 - October 8

Jeremy R. Smith
October 5

Title: The ABCs of Oraxiom: Towards a Research Programme of Future Metaphysics

Thomas Nail
October 8

Title: The Philosophy of Movement

Cluster 3: Deleuze, Guattari, and the Sciences of Abstraction
September 30 - October 13

Chantelle Gray and Aragorn Eloff
September 30 

Title: The Fourth Ecology: Hikikomori, Depressive Hedonia and Algorithmic Ubiquity

Keti Chukhrov 
October 13  

Title: Deleuze without Guattari

Cluster 4: What’s the Matter with Aesthetics?
September 28 - October 14

Willow Verkerk
September 28

Title: Mimetic Inclination and the Limits of the Enlightened Subject 

Romina Wainberg
October 14

On the Dead Matter of Literature: Criticism v. Aesthetics?