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Integrated Credit Program

The School of Materialist Research offers Integrated Credit Program (ICP) each Fall and Spring Semester. ICPs are taught by world-recognized scholars and practitioners of materialist research and are intended for graduate students, post-docs, early-career faculty, and curious members of the wider public. Courses take place online several times a semester and are designed and maintained by the professor, in consultation with SMR leadership. While ICPs are taught outside the formal university system, they’re shaped with the aim of supplementing university course work and, in certain instances, can count for university credit. Please consult Receiving Credit to see if you’re eligible.
NB: An important new aspect of this program is that the successful completion of a certificate course program qualifies you for a significant discount at the SRM Summer Schools held on our campus in Greece (Olympiada, ancient Stagira). 

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Current call for enrollment: Fall Semester 2023-2024

Intensive Study Courses

Past Semesters:

Fall/Winter Semester 2022-23,
Spring Semester 2022

Fall 2021

Open Seminars

The School of Materialist Research hosts seminars on original content engaging materialist thought and practice across the humanities, arts, and sciences. Topics covered in the seminars range from contemporary philosophical, political, and scientific materialisms, and the various ecological, aesthetic, and feminist materialisms that have sprung up in the last few decades, to the material challenges and possibilities confronting engineering and design on a planetary scale (through the distributed practices of computing, finance, urbanization, etc.), especially the host of geopolitical, racial, and ecological asymmetries that emerge in their wake. The seminars therefore embrace a full range of methodologies—philosophical, artistic, empirical, ethnographic, etc.—and offer a platform for showcasing research and experimentation on the many complexities of materialist thought and practice today.

Seminars are free of charge, online, and open to the public. They are clustered according to thematic areas and are offered in the fall, spring, and summer.

You can find past seminars for free on our Youtube channel here. 

For further questions please contact: schoolofmaterialistresearch@gmail.com

Current: Open Seminars August-September 2023

Past: August-September Semester 2022, January Semester 2022Fall Semester 2021Summer Semester 2021Spring Semester 2021