︎ Special Programs

In addition to hosting Intensive Study Courses and Open Seminars, the School of Materialist Research supports a wide range of Special Programs. This includes, but is not limited to, experimental studios, symposia, reading groups, summer schools, retreats, art and curatorial events, and more. All special programming is developed in consultation with SMR leadership.

If you have proposal, please contact us at: schoolofmaterialistresearch@gmail.com

Upcoming programs:

Philippe Morel's talk as part of the Architecture Panel has been rescheduled from March 10th to March 18th. If you have already registered on our Eventbrite you will still receive a Zoom link for the new date. If you have not yet registered for his talk, please make to sure to register for the 18th.

Architecture Panel (February/March 2022)

You can find all of the lectures on our YouTube channel here

The School of Materialist Research is proud to present the first of its “Special Programs,” which will be taking place over February/March 2022. Below you will find further information on the speakers and talks, as well as the dates. More information will be available soon. All of the talks will take place at 18:30 CET/12:30 EST, and you can find the registration link for all of them below.

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Claudia Pasquero
February 8th

Title: "BIT.BIO.BOT / Collective Experiments in Biotechnological Architecture"

Roberto Bottazzi
February 15th

Title: "Omnia per Omnia [anything by anything]"

Ludger Hovestadt 
February 16th

Title: "A Circular Genealogy of Computing"

Gerald Nestler
March 11th

Title: "Forensics and Finance: Metadata Resolution and the Performativity of Finance"

Vera Bühlmann 
March 12th

Title: "Bodies of Thinking, and the Fascist Affect"

Philippe Morel
March 18th

Title: "Matter as Machine"